1619 Capital Partners was created from a need that existed in the Commercial Real Estate Investment World. We help investors and borrowers navigate through the unknown aspects of CMBS.  Our President and CEO Tommy Snyder has over 10 years experience in the mysterious world of Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities and 1619 Capital Partners uses that experience to help borrowers and investors buy and sell commercial properties, as well as act on behalf of their clients to modify or restructure defaulted CMBS debt.  We have also created a platform for borrowers that are in special servicing to find the debt or equity they need so that new money can be brought into a deal utilizing a network of lenders who specialize in broken CMBS lending.  Our partnership with them allow us to connect borrowers to the capital sources they need to get back on track, stabilizing their properties with a chance at obtaining their original vision of a return on their investment. We are the Investor’s Advocate. There is a lot of opportunity in commercial real estate , but unless you understand the inner workings of CMBS and special servicing, it’s not an easy course to navigate. 1619 Capital Partners provides that expertise.

Debt and Equity Advisory Services

As a client in need of capital to re-finance your existing Commercial Real Estate debt, you won’t find a better partner than 1619 Capital Partners. Through our exclusive partnership with Broadsword Investors, LLC, we have lending products that are tailored to your situation.  Whether you need permanent or bridge lending for a maturity refinance, discounted payoff, funds to execute a note purchase, or a joint venture partner for a restructure, 1619 is your Capital Partner. Having access to the right capital is the key to a successful resolution and we have the ability to help you find a lending package that fits your needs.



CMBS Bond Platform Administration and Underwriting

Our seasoned team of CMBS Veterans allow you the versatility of having the experience and expertise to deliver critical and accurate financial information when you need it.  Whether you are underwriting a CMBS Bond deal or a multi-property acquisition, our team can rapidly deploy and our experienced professionals will give you the data you need to make smart and accurate decisions when creating your valuations.  Our senior underwriters are versed in all property types and all MSAs in the US.  In 2016 we assisted in the purchase of over $900 million in securitizations.

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Distressed Capital Resources

1619 Capital Partners provides distressed capital resources with a level of service and accessibility unmatched in the industry. Our executives have previous hands-on experience in special servicing, offering a direct pathway to senior-level decision makers. Our connections provide us with access to the inside deals not readily available to the general market. Our specific inclusion even affords us with a window into private distressed deals, topping $5 billion annually—which represent the full spectrum of nationwide loan products. If you need an inside partner to provide you complete access to the special servicer space, contact 1619 Capital Partners.

Construction Management

If you’re a client with construction needs, 1619 Capital Partners can help you through our strategic partnership with Allpro Construction.  We offer our clients the services and consultation needed for new construction, tenant improvements, differed maintenance, inspections, property condition reports and all other phases of commercial real estate construction required for most property types across America.

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